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    Report Subscription for Unsubscribe List

      Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way for me to generate a daily report containing all unsubscribe emails so I do not have to pull the list manually every day.

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          Hi Sarah! You can use the email performance report in the analytics section & schedule daily subscriptions to be sent to you. You will need to update the smart lists with 'unsubscribed from email' is any so it only reports on unsubscribes. Hope this helps.
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            That will work to see which emails have how many unsubscribes, but you'll only get statistics and no names, as you can't group by email address.

            If you use a lead report, you can group by email address. In the smart list you select Unsubscribed=True. Subscribe yourself daily, and you will get a list of all unsubscribed people every day.

            You could also add an additional filter to "Unsubscribed from email" with a date constraint on yesterday. This will give you only the people that unsubscribed yesterday.