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Best methods to implement custom landing pages and web forms in Marketo?

Question asked by 36082 on Nov 1, 2013
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I am trying to figure out if we are going about the implementation of custom landing pages/web forms in Marketo created by our design team correctly.  Instead of creating the landing page/forms directly in Design Studio. Our design team creates the landing pages, web form layout, web form styling and functionality outside of Marketo and then sends the completed assets over to my team to implement in Marketo.

My Definition of Custom Landing Pages/Web Forms:
  1.           Show and hide web form field requirements (if user selects x value show x form fields etc.)
  2.           Dynamic follow-up pages based on x behavior by user (button submit, URL parameters etc)
  3.           Landing pages web form layout is in 2 or more columns
  4.           Web form fields have to preserve a certain look and feel via CSS

At this time these are the steps we take to get the provided custom landing page creative/web forms into Marketo:
  •           Step#1 - Create a dummy form in Marketo with all the required web form fields
  •           Step#2 - Create a dummy landing page and place the dummy form in this landing page and generate the appropriate html code (web form names, all the hidden form details, and the form ID and form follow-up details)
  •           Step#3 - Create a landing page template and load the provided landing page source code including (HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.) from our design team in this template and update the code with the correct form field names and details etc. We also write any custom JQuery or CSS requirements in the template.
  •           Step#4 - Create a new landing page from to the newly created template
  •           Step#5 - Test, Approve & Launch

This process seems a bit convoluted  to me. Is there a better and faster way to handle this type of setup? 

Thank you in advance for your help...