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    Sales emails as a program vs smart campaign

      At our organization we get requests to send out some eBlasts on behalf of the sales team. We have just opened up the explorer reports and I'm wondering if we should set up these to all go under 1 program called "Sales eBlasts" and then put each smart campaigna and email underneath this one program.

      Would it be better to keep these as smart campaigns, as a program under 1 main program (sales eBlasts) or run them all as seperate programs.

      Confused a bit on when we should be using programs vs smart campaigns, if there are any hard and fast rules.
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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Richard,

          Generally for eahc individual marketing effort, you should create a program for it.  This means each email blast, webinar, nurture campaign...etc. should have their own programs.  For high-level categorization you should be using campaign folders, so webinars would have their own folders, and eblasts would have their own.  In this case it sounds like you want to partition the sales eblasts from your marketing eblasts, so having a campaign folder dedicated to them would probably be the best idea for you.
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            Thanks Kenny, would you suggest doing each sales email as it's own program? Or would you recommend just running those as smart campaigns. I guess if we want to do comparisons by rep then we should run each one as it's own program?