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    SF leads

      When leads who fill out a Marketo form on a landing page go into salesforce, their default status is "not interested". Is there a way to change this?

      Is there a way to assign new Marketo leads to a particular view in Salesforce? For instance we have a view called "Today's leads"

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          Your default lead status is set by SFDC, most likely. You can push leads from Marketo to SFDC with a specific status, but that is generally done at as a step in a campaign or a program.
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            Veronica Holmes
            Hi Ian,

            Default lead status is a SFDC setting, you need to get your SFDC administrator to change this if you'd like it to be something else. As Keith says, when you push leads from Marketo to SFDC, you can also update their lead status using a flow action, but that lead status you want needs to be available to use in the Lead Status picklist in SFDC.

            In terms of views, a view can be configured to be anything you like in SFDC. What you want to look at is building a custom view in SFDC that contains leads that have been created by the Marketo sync user (the SFDC user that is being used to sync to Marketo). That will get you the view you want.