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    Nurturing Based on SFDC Opportunities

      Has anyone had any luck implementing on-boarding/renewal nurturing programs based on SFDC opportunities.  Basically I want contacts to receive a series of emails when the opportunity closes but only specific contacts associated with the accounts (primary or specific roles).  I tried to accomplish this by adding them to lists by role but the triffer I used (opportunity is updated) did not also allow a filter based on roles (only included in "was added to opportunity").  Any bright ideas out there before I rack my brain all night?

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          Hey Carrie,

          You are on the right track! "Was Added to Opportunity" is the right filter, you just need to add constraints. You will see in the options at the very top, there are two constraints titled "Is Primary" and "Role". Add these to your filter. "Is Primary" is a true/false field and self-explanatory. "Role" will be a typical field with a drop down. Only thing is (for me at least), is that no values will appear. Pay no attention to that fact. Type in the roles you are looking for and the system will recognize'em.

          Let me know how it goes and I hope you didn't lose too much sleep!
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            It doesn't seem to be working.  I am using the trigger of "opportunity is updated" in addition to a filter of "was added to opportunity" to limit the roles and not having any luck. 
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              Can you provide a screenshot of how you have things set up?
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                the issues seems to be that marketo is not recognizing of the other custom opportunity fields.  If I remove that from the smartlist everything works fine.  unfortunately I need that field.  I suspect it is some sort fo sync issue.  I tried to object sync and don't seem to be able to find a way to enable it.  It is very strange because I can set it as a filter but there doesn't appear to be any information in the field nor does it appear on opportunity info details when I look at a specific lead record.
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                  What custom field did you create on the SFDC side? How does it apply to what you are trying to do? I've noticed on Opportunities that if you can add the constraint, but no values appear in the drop down, you can still add the values you are looking for manually and Mkto will be able to filter based on it. I would recommend finding one record on the SFDC side you know should satisfy your criteria, then add all of it's information on the Mkto side through filters and see if the record shows up. Just a way of double checking that the filters are working as they should.

                  This could be a weird sync issue though, in which case I would recommend contacting Mkto Support, but I will continue try to help if you want someone to bounce ideas off of.