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Leveraging RCE for Behavior Score Analysis?

Question asked by 811794032e82cbc1ec6cc850a3891524bc265270 on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by 26770
I'm trying to get a better understanding of our current behavior score and how/if we should improve it.  I'm currently exporting the data from SFDC into Excel to run the manipulation since I can only get Behavior Score as a lead dimension metric with Revenue Cycle Explorer.  I suspect that without the ability to use it as an Opportunity Dimension I won't be able to get what I'm looking for.

Here are some examples of questions we're trying to answer:
  1.           What is the correlation between behavior score and likelihood to become a sales opportunity?
  2.           If we want to change the threshold of what we pass to Sales, how do we identify the distribution and the optimal score?
My questions for the community:
  •           Am I missing functionality within Marketo?
  •           How are you leveraging RCE for Opportunity analysis (with or without behavior score)?