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    Google No Longer Passing Keyword Referral Data

      Read an interesting blog yesterday - http://www.billhartzer.com/pages/google-no-longer-passing-keyword-referral-data-for-all-users/#!

      It seems google will no longer pass search terms over to Marketo.

      I remember about a year / 18 mos ago there was talk about Google not passing over data for folks who were logged in i.e. searching securely over https, but this only amounted to a small % of traffic. Now it looks like all searches will go that way.

      I tested this in our own environment and instead of the usual "project management software" or whatever I searched for to create my fake lead, I get "728" as my Original Search Phrase when I look the lead up.

      Is google trying to kill SEO here?  Anyone else scratching their heads over this one?