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    Deciphering the Email Program Report

    Alex Fusman
      We sent out our first email newsletter through Marketo yesterday. Looking through the results summary in the Dashboard view of the program, I'm questioning what some of the results actually mean.

      1) Engagement - What exactly gets tracked as an engagement? An email has text and links. Since engagement is not the same as link clicks, what is it exactly?

      2) Click report - Where can I see a report of which specific links were clicked?

      3) In the Opens, Clicks, Click to Open, and Unsubscribes graphs, there is a wider section and a narrower section. The wider section is split into green and gray halves. Why are they split and what does that mean? For example, if Click to Open shows 8.2% as the main result, the graph shows 8.2% in green, 16.4% at the end of the wider gray, and then the rest is a narrower gray. What is the wider gray part showing?

      I realize these are pretty newbie-level questions, but I couldn't find the answers anywhere in the support/discussion sections. Is there any official documentation on these things?

      Thanks for your help.