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Question as to whether this is the right example of an operational email

Question asked by 31491 on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by 31491

     We sell our products primarily through Distributors internationally. A few times a year, we need to send emails to these distributors about new product announcements and to provide them our latest product price list. Recently, we discovered that many of the contacts at these Distributor Accounts have opted out of email. Chances are, they opted out of marketing emails, but they do need to get our price list and new product announcements to do their jobs. As a result, they haven't received these items.

     So my question is, are new product announcements and price list update emails to our distributors legally considered Operational as in relationship messages? I believe they are because they're not marketing emails, and they are part of the relationship between us and our distributors contractually, but I wanted to make sure.