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    Closed Lost Opportunities without a Task

      I wanted to create a report that will list all my closed lost opportunites that don't have any open tasks assigned to any of the contacts.

      I created a smart list with the following filters:
      1. Has Opportunity
      - Has opty is  true
      - Stage is Closed Lost

      2. Not Activity was Logged
      - Subject is not empty
      - Status is Not Started
      - Is Task True

      This will pull up ALL the contacts without open tasks assocaited to closed lost optys . This is problematic because many of our optys have multiple contacts. So an opty with 4 contacts will have an open task assigned to only 1 of the contacts. The other 3 contacts are included in my list. I need to filter out those 3 contacts.

      Is there any easy way to do this?