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Engagement Program against an Opportunity's Contact Roles

Question asked by 49021 on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by fd65f659f9872c79124bfd587c2ea3bdc1af06d6
We are an AppExchange ISV and license an app in a subscription model. When a new AppExchange install comes in and we setup the Opportunity of Type=New (vs. Add-On or Renewal). A number of Contacts are then linked to the Opportunity. The ones we'd be emailing are the Decision Maker and Evaluator roles.

I want the Contacts linked to that Opportunity to be provided with email information over the course of their Trial period. This sounds to me like having an Engagement Program setup with my email flow and then a trigger campaign that sees Leads being linked to an Opportunity and constrained by some Opportunity data (Type=New) and their Role (Decision Maker or Evaluator).

Some Questions...
  •           Does the above analysis seem on target?
  •           Off an Opportunity Contact Role trigger, can I setup an email schedule for that set of Contacts based upon a date field on the Opportunity? (e.g. License Expiration Date - 10 days). Our standard trial period is 15 days. If I cannot make it relevant, I suppose a fallback plan is to have an Engagement Program scheduled in a cadence that works well over that period.
  •           Are Engagement Programs smart enough to have different Contacts on different schedules based upon when they entered the program? It seems that this feature is the whole purpose of Engagement Programs, but I want to make sure. Forgive my ignorance, we are new to Marketo.
  •           In my Email templates, will I be able to include information from the Opportunity that triggered the Lead? Suppose this Lead is linked to multiple opportunities historically, but a new one comes in and triggers this flow. Could I include information from the Opportunity (e.g. License Expiration Date, User Count) as tokens in my email template? If so, can I be confident Marketo will know to pull the data from the correct Opportunity?
This entire process is currently being done via Salesforce Timed Workflow on the License object. We add a bunch of Contacts to that and all this happens. With Marketo, I am hoping we can use the natural Salesforce data model for this and get the benefits of Marketing Automation so our emails are not sent into a Black Hole.

I'd love any assistance on this. If this is a big ask of the community, I'd be happy to publish back our setup so others can benefit from it (once we get it working).