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    Difference in Google Analytics and Marketo Tracking Leads count


      Please advice how Marketo tracks leads and what could be the reason of difference between leads tracked by Google Analytics .

      Munchink code and GA code applied on all the pages of website but, still the difference is there in leads count.

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                    The main gap arises from the concept of "unique" visitors. A person using the same browser and computer will, in principle, count as one in Marketo and Google. The gap can be as high as 25% because browsing habits, setting a new cookie for a new browser and/or computer.
                    An extract from Unique Visitors calculation in Google Analytics helps to clarify key aspects
                    In order to get around these potential inaccuracies, you can create a custom report with a non-date dimension that will be the same across sessions for users (e.g., Browser), thereby ensuring Calculation #2 is used. ↑
                    2 Note that for some dimensions, such as Source or Medium, it is possible that the same unique visitor can be in multiple buckets (e.g., someone visited from organic search and paid search in the same date range). For this reason, when viewing Unique Visitors over such a dimension, the sum of the rows should not add up to the total.