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    Segmenting Emails

      Hello, I am new to Marketo... Just sent one email blast for webinar, and when i looked under registrants it didn't load everyone so i imported my own list.. Now going forward with the second email blast, how can i segment so the existing registrants don't receive the email again?
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          Hi Colleen,
          You can use the "Not was Sent Email" filter in your email blast Smart Camapign. This will exlcude everyone who has already been sent the email.

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            Veronica Holmes
            Set your smart campaign settings to "Each lead can only run through the flow once".

            Using this setting prevents people who have already run through the flow from being sent the email again. That means you can add more people to the campaign and run it again without any fear of people who have already been sent the email having it sent to them again.

            You'll find that setting on the schedule tab.