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    Registration Form Setup

      I need your help to setup the following Registration Page that on our page. We have 3 Smart list, Whitelist, Blacklist and Unknown. We want to send different email response to each Smart list.

      Also, for those in the Unknown, we need to send alert that this contatc need to review the Lead status.
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          Assuming you are referring to Marketo forms or your forms sending data through SOAP or Munchkin API the simplest and quickest method would be triggered campaigns

          Smart List
          Trigger: Fiils Out Form
          Add Constraint (if hosted on a Marketo landing page): Web Page (name)

          Send Email
          Click Add Choice
          IF Condition 1
          Email 1

          IF Condition 2
          Email 2

          and so on

          If data is set by API, you can replace trigger Fills Out Form with Data Value Changes