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    Webinar Reminders

    Mark Farnell
      On our webinar programs we schedule a reminder for 1 or 2 hours before the webinar; it's done as a "batch-run-later" campaign.

      However, this particular campaign was not set on a recent webinar and we lost c. 60% of our usual attendance due to this.  So the first thing is to say that, anecdotally at least, webinar reminders close to the event DO work.

      However, I am now thinking about how to further automate this e.g. can I trigger from a token?  We use a program token for start time anyway, I know the trigger would still have to be activated though.

      Any ideas would be most welcome.
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          Jeff Coveney
          Although not completely automated, here is another option.

          One way to do it is to set the Reminder within the flow of the triggered Registration campaign. The date gets adjusted when you setup the campaign. Yes, you still have to remember but it's part of a flow. The benefit is you don't have remember to run a separate batch campaign. The webinar in the below example is happening on Sept 20th and the reminder is set for Sept 19th.

          And if the reminders capability is too tough to get down, use GTW's notification system which works awesome. You lose some tracking and branding but the reminders GTW send out are as automated as you get.

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            Mark Farnell
            thank you Jeff; yes it still needs to be done but it's one less smart campaign to manage.
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              Chris Vandermarel
              I've followed this set-up, but have encountered one issue and wanted to see if anyone could help.

              In the example above let's say someone registers On September 19th at 2:00pm, they would receive two emails at the same time. The confirmation and the reminder. Does anyone have a say to skip the reminder if the date/time of the reminder has already passed?