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How can I keep inactive leads in my flow?

Question asked by 38637 on Nov 5, 2013
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I have built a nurture program to BANT qualify my leads. I have used progressive profiling, and on each landing page I’ll ask one BANT question.
The flow looks like this:
Email 1> LP1> Content> Wait 3 days Email 2> LP2> Content> BANT Qualified.
The reason I am using the progressive profiling tool is because if a lead doesn’t open email 1, I still want the lead to be sent email 2. And if they open and click from email 2, and they have not opened email 1 then the additional BANT question from LP1 will then appear on LP2.
The problem I am having is getting the lead back into the flow if they don’t open email 1, what logic can I use to do this?
I tried setting up a separate child campaign to pick these up, but the trigger picks up all the leads instantly and they run through this campaign rather than the standard one?
Smart list:
Ø  Trigger: program status is sent email 1
Ø  Filter: Not clicked link in email 1 or Not opened email 1
Ø  Wait 5 days
Ø  Sent Email 2
Ø  Change program status email 2 sent