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    Sharing email templates


      I am swamped with email requests at the moment and find myself going back-and-forth with what email templates would work best for what emails.

      Do any of you have a good way you list/display email templates to co-workers so that they can just pick from the very beginning and not have to keep creating new emails with different templates?

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          Hi Kim, I have archived hundreds of templates during our rebranding. We now only have 6 templates to support everything. event invite, webinar invite, newsletter, basic email, nurture content item teaser, and sales email. From now on we will be very carefull with creating new templates, as everybody is still on the brand guidelines. I have also done a launch gotomeeting session with all marketers to show the new templates and explain how they work. Afterwards I have shared the recording with screenhots.
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            I have a Word doc, uploaded to Salesforce so everyone can see it, which has screenshots of each template and it's features. I train new users to pick a template before writing content so they can include the correct numer of calls to actions or sidebar featured items for that template.