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Marketo Tracking Breaks Links in HTML

Question asked by 04ce60872764b9fe0ff5f7ee11bc9720b68065a4 on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by 04ce60872764b9fe0ff5f7ee11bc9720b68065a4
For a survey campaign we sent out yesterday (9/26/2013) the links to the survey (when sent from Marketo) appear to have been malformed. Users are getting a 404 error when they click the link to take the survey (from any of three links).

Here's what the URL looks like after Marketo adds its tracking:

(where 'XXXXXXX' is the Survey ID...)

Here's what the HTML looks like before Marketo transforms it (for tracking purposes):
<a style="color: #0099ff;" href="" target="_blank">&raquo; Take our survey.</a>

What gives?