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    If I want to include a list of accounts to be included in a trigger campaign and my list is 1000 company names, what is the best way to set this up if I haven't labeled these leads in any way?

      I want to create a trigger to do an action if a lead is from a company that is included in a list of 1000 companies.  I can set up a smart list that the trigger campaign can review before the action, but I still have to set up the smart list with leads that are newly created and are from the list of 1000 companies.  I am not ready to give these 1000 companies a category field in SFDC so I guess I just need to list them in a smart list.  I don't have any qualifying database that I can run them against that would populate a field that could be the qualifier e.g. lead source=jigsaw.

      Any short cuts that anyone can think of let me know.