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    Landing Page Folder Structure

    Greg Harned

      We are trying to name our landing pages with the following structure, as when we currently name them and view through google analtyics, they simply display /this-page, but we are unable to see where they are coming from as the UTM codes are not displayed. Otherwise everything will be built off of the root, and our workaround was to add "go_ " before the landing page URL. The preferred method would be if we could establish a landing page file structure such as:

      ·         /go/ppc/google/this-page

      ·         /go/placement/this-page

      ·         /go/banner-ad/this-page

      ·         /go/campaign1/this-page-A-test

      ·         /go/campaign1/this-page-B-test

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          Hi Greg, to bad the UTM codes are not showing up. That would have solved your issue.

          What you could do is manipulate the Analytics tracking code.
          If you would open the page /go/ppc/bing/this-page _gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’ ] ); is normally set.

          But you can override the url and how it shows up in Analytics.
          _gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/go_ppc_bing_this-page ‘]);

          Just create a small list with else/if statements in javascript to populate it. Now your page still have the url with virtual folders (/path/to/page), but they are displayed as /path-to-page.