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    Boolean fields returning NULL instead of 0 for FALSE in webhook?

      Hi - has anyone else noticed that a boolean field (checkbox) that is set to FALSE (unchecked) returns NULL ("") instead of 0 in a webhook call?

      This is not the way in which I thought FALSE was stored. I thought it was stored as 0.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a checkbox field (for example, lead.Boolean Test)
      2. Create a webhook that includes this checkbox field (in the querystring add blnCheckTest={{lead.Boolean Test}}
      3. Call the webhook from a lead that has the checkbox field unchecked
      4. Inspect the webhook result and you'll see that it shows ...blnCheckTest=&...

      What I need is ...blnCheckTest=0&...

      I thought that adding a default to the Token {{lead.Boolean Test:default=0}} would fix this, but even that doesn't work.

      Any ideas?  I would really like to use the boolean field here rather than convert to int.