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    Tracking of SEO data

           How can I receive more detailed information on the HTTP referral for anonymous visitors on our website?
           If the original search keyword is not empty I only get data that provides a Google link that actually goes back to our website. I do not get information on the keyword the lead used. Is there a way Marketo can run a report to precise on those?

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          Josh Hill
          Google only rarely is providing Original Search Phrase that Marketo can see easily.

          So you can't get this data without more work. There are several options if you do a search for "capturing keyword data"

          Are you looking at random traffic or PPC or other referrers? You can definitely setup URL Parameters to capture more of that data if you are controlling the links.
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                 Thanky you for your response Josh! I am not running PPC campaigns as of yet. So I am only looking at SEO data: What was the search term that brought the visitor to our site?
                 You are right Marketo is most of the time not reading the data properly (see image). Some times I can see the search term  however mosly not.
                 As I am not "owning" the link as it is coming from Google I am wondering whether there is a process to identify the search key origin. I would appreciate if you have a suggestion. Thank you.0EM50000000RtkD