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    Website Page Names

      When I clone a program, I get really long page names with parts of the url coming from the program that was cloned.
      e.g.  Here is a recent registration page:
      There are two programs in this URL.
      How do I stop this from happening.  When I clone, I cannnot edit the web page name, can I?
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          After you hit "Clone" and the window pops up with fields to fill out, there should be one titled "Page URL". Once you give the new page a title, you can edit the Page URL.

          Hope this helps!
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            Yep, Caleb's right. Also, if you've already cloned the page, you can go to Landing Page Actions > URL Tools > Edit URL Settings and change the URL. It'll give you the option to either discard the old one or keep it and create a redirect rule to the new one.
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              Thanks for the help,  
              Caleb,  Im trying your path. 
              In the clone program dialog box I only see the following options:
              Clone to:
              Clone From (Cannot input data here):

              No Page URL Option.........would make sense to see one here though.  That would solve theproblem pretty easily.

              Any thoughts?  Or do I have a support issue?

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                Hi Rich,

                That does seem fairly odd, it's an option between "name" and "description" for me. I'm not sure if this would make a difference or not, but are you using the Spark edition of Marketo or are you not an administrator?

                Another way to edit the URls is to do it after the new landing page is created.

                Check out this article and see if it can be done this way (what Drew suggested).
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                       If I try to clone an individual landing page, it will give me th eoption to update the URL.   But if I am cloning a program, I do not.  
                       Im going to try a service request.  I am an admin and we are using spark.