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Can we pass a Marketo landing page form value like email address to an external page like a survey using javascript so the email address value populates my survey question w/o the end user having to enter it again?

Question asked by 44500 on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by 44500
We have a survey built in SurveyMonkey and are about to execute a campaign that points people from email and direct mail to a Marketo landing page where we ask basic questions like Name, Email and Industry. The idea being people hit the landing page, get cookied and fill out the form to land in the lead database.

The submit button will redirect responders to a short survey outside of Marketo, when completed they will be redirected back to a Marketo Thank You landing page. This flow is designed to be able to make best use of SmartCampaigns to deliver survey results and nurture.

Our problem is that we're very new customers and not yet using CRM that has the native integration with survey tools - that's a few weeks out yet - Marketo doesn't have native survey integration with anything so far as we can tell (Polls are not part of Spark). The only way to track survey responders to their answers would be to ask them to enter their email address again when they hit the survey...not ideal.

Survey Monkey does allow you to pass custom variables over so you don't have to ask for something like email address again - so we are wondering if anyone can tell us if it's possible to pass the email address over using JavaScript or PHP or something like that.

If anyone has a better approach for this type of campaign I'm all ears!

Many thanks in advance.