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    How to set up different listenings campaign

      Hi community!
      I´ve created a program which is going to has different emails inside. These emails are going to be create and send on differents dates. How I should set up the listenings campaigns in this case? Have I to set up for the first email first, and then before sendings the other ones, upload this?Or not?
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          The key to good listening campaigns is that they watch all channels...including Salesforce. what you are going to find out about your buyer is that the want to self-educate in the medium they are comfortable in...Have you set up Umbrella lead scoring yet? The program template you can download from the program library is awsome...This is one of the best ways to stay on top of AQLs & potential MQLs...

          The skey is being able to relate the engagment back the the orriginal out-bound program you are doing and not attibuting it to Adwords or SEO that will be likely the next touch...