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    Use "Member of Smart List" filter in a smartlist

      When I am using the "Member of Smart List" filter, how can I add multiple smartlists to one filter, instead of having to pull in a new filter for each individual smartlist.

      My issue: I have 150 smartlists containing the same codename in 150 different programs. How can I compile all the leads of these smartlists in one big list and see at the same time out of which program the lead has been pulled? Is there any other way than creating manually 150 times the same "Member of Smartlist" filter?
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          Could you share a screenshot of all of the filters for one of your Smart Lists?
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            So I could add them all one by one, but why does the box not have the green plus button which would allow me to select them all in one single filter?
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              Hey Jeff--if you can find any way around nesting smartlists within smartlists, it would probably be a good idea. Running a smart list that queries 150 other smart lists could potentially take a very long time. Depending on the size of your database, it could even take a couple of hours.

              Is there a way for you to add a field in Marketo that you could mark TRUE if a lead would meet any of the criteria in the 150 smart lists you are trying to pull? Then when you are creating your master smart list, instead of using the "member of smart list filter", you could just include "New Marketo Field = True". That would save you from having to add 150 individual filters, and your smart list would probably run in a more manageable amount of time.
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                Hi Jeff, 

                What I've done for this is make a seperate smartlist that combines all of the ones you wish to automate on. 

                Then for the "Member of Smart List" you can select just the one aggregated list.  This may not help if you're creating something for one-time use but does help if you may have this need often or have complex automation. 

                hope it helps!
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                  This is a one-time list I will have to pull, so I'm looking for a solution to avoid doing a step manually 150+ times.
                  So basically I have 150 Events named DATE-EVENTNAME each one containing one email named DATE-EVENTNAME.NoShow.

                  Each Event contains a Smartlist pulling the leads that clicked a link of the NoShow email of that event (see attachment). The final output I need is an excel file containing the leads that clicked on one of those links, and what email/event the link belonged to and this compiled for all the 150 events

                  Is there any way to automate this retrospectively? With reports maybe?

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                    Hey Jeff,

                    You can acheive a list of everyone who has already clicked one of the links in any of your events with a filter using Email "contains", like this: 


                    While this performs the function of the filter you are attempting above, I do not know how you can "group" these leads by what program they clicked in.

                    If you currently connect your click activity to SFDC, there might be a way to run an SFDC report ...