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    getMObjects does not return Program My Tokens

      The API Documentation says that getMObjects returns following information:
           For each Program, the following information is returned:
            Program ID
            Date created
           Date last updated
           Program name
           Program description
           Program type (e.g. Default or Event)
           Workspace ID
           Workspace name
           CRM ID (if applicable)
           CRM campaign name (if applicable)
           Tree Path (for example: /Marketing Activities/Default/Webinars/2013/ProgramName)
           Is Program Archived (true or false)
           Start and end date/time (if applicable)
           Total # of program members
           Total # of members acquired by program
           Total # of members socially acquired by program
           Total # of successes
           Non-channel tags types and values
           Period cost info (month, amount, notes)
            MyTokens (names and values)

           But for me, API returns only following information:

           Workspace Id
           Workspace Name
           Tree Path
           Is Archived

           It does not return
           My Tokens ( I have one token defined at program level)

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          Here is my request XML
               <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
                   <AuthenticationHeader xmlns="http://www.marketo.com/mktows/">
                     <mktowsUserId xmlns="">****************************</mktowsUserId>
                     <requestSignature xmlns="">***************************</requestSignature>
                     <requestTimestamp xmlns="">2013-10-11T15:18:23-07:00</requestTimestamp>
                     <audit xmlns="" />
                   <paramsGetMObjects xmlns="http://www.marketo.com/mktows/">
                     <type xmlns="">Program</type>
                     <externalKey xmlns="">
                       <name />
                       <value />
                     <mObjCriteriaList xmlns="">
                     <mObjAssociationList xmlns="">
                         <mObjType />
                           <name />
                           <value />
                     <streamPosition xmlns="" />

               Here is the Response:

                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
                    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ns1="http://www.marketo.com/mktows/">
                                    <value>Test sends</value>
                                    <value>Marketing Program</value>
                                    <name>Workspace Id</name>
                                    <name>Workspace Name</name>
                                    <name>Tree Path</name>
                                    <value>/Marketing Activities/Default/Learning/Test</value>
                                    <name>Is Archived</name>

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            Please log a support case - we'll investigate
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              Thanks Raj.
              I opened support case and got the resolution. I was using 2_0 version of API. Detailed attributes(Tags, token etc.) are supported in 2_2 version.