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New website form fills creating new anonymous lead

Question asked by Cheral Jansen on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by 5be2827a6d30249e286cfe869203c119ae9b0cda
Hi there.

We're building a new Wordpress website, which has the Munchkin code on it. We've embedded Marketo forms (with progressive profiling enabled) onto the pages that have gated content. I've been trying to text the lead scoring from the downloads (among other things) and what I'm seeing is the following - the forms are recognizing me (pre-populationg with my name and email, with additional fields on for the next 2 empty fields on my profile) and the web page visit and form page fillout is being logged on my Marketo record. However my record is not being scored. When I go to the scoring campaign, I see that an activity has taken place, but each form fillout has created an anonymous lead that has been scored. 

Where is the disconnect happening? Why is an anonymous lead being created and scored instead of my known record?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!