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significant differences between email perf report and email program report

Question asked by 806f3ed83bf699a516b759201ecfdd7af934935a on May 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by 600627fc64a6d68ee5543f5908014825c5b88e31
Dear all,

We have run a simple email program and are comparing it's dashboard with the email performance report. We also compared them with triggered campaigns members (setting program statuses) and filter based smart lists we creted.

The results are below  and are showing very sugnificant dierrences on the email devlivered stat and also some differences on the email opened stat. Please note that the email sent stat is the same for all measurements, so it's not about Blacklists nor marketing suspended

                    Trigger based Smart campaign members
                    email delivered                     54956
                    email opened                     6435
                    Email clicked                     267
                    Unsubsribed from email                     20
                    Smart Lists counts (filters)
                    email was sent                     60151
                    was delivered email                     54956
                    Email Bounced                     3599
                    Email opened                     6436
                    Clicked Link                     280
                    Unsubscribed from email                     20
                    email performance report
                    Sent                     60151
                    Delivered                     52370
                    Hard Bounced                     3596
                    Soft Bounced                     4184
                    Opened                     6551
                    Clicked                     279
                    Unsubscribed                     20
                    Email Program dashboard
                    Sent                     60151
                    Delivered                     53520
                    Bounced                     3597
                    Opens                     6549
                    Clicks                     279
                    Unsubscribes                     20

Has anyone an idea to explain this?

Best regards,