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Global Fields for Campaigns

Question asked by 34525 on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by 26770
I'm wondering if anyone can help with this. We are trying to implement a round robin campaign within Marketo.

My understanding is that in Marketo, fields values are specific to an individual contact (e.g., lead.SOME_VALUE). We are looking for a way to have a field apply globally (e.g., system.SOME_VALUE). We would like this funcitonality so that all campaigns can read the value of system.SOME_VALUE and take action based on what is contained in the field and update the field.

Smart Campaign Example

1. campaign called
2. read system.SOME_VALUE (e.g. system.SOME_VALUE = 2)
3. if system.SOME_VALUE = max, change system.SOME_VALUE = 1, "else do nothing"
4. if system.SOME_VALUE = 50, request campaign 50
5. if system.SOME_VALUE = 49, request campaign 49 
53. if system.SOME_VALUE = 1, request campaign 1
54. change data value system.SOME_VALUE to system.SOME_VALUE +1 (e.g., system.SOME_VALUE = 3)
55. await next call ...

Maybe it's not a "system.%" field but maybe "global.%" or "campaign.%". I was hoping to use a token for this but tokens are fixed and cannot be updated programatically. Any advice is greatly appreciated.