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    Global Fields for Campaigns

      I'm wondering if anyone can help with this. We are trying to implement a round robin campaign within Marketo.

      My understanding is that in Marketo, fields values are specific to an individual contact (e.g., lead.SOME_VALUE). We are looking for a way to have a field apply globally (e.g., system.SOME_VALUE). We would like this funcitonality so that all campaigns can read the value of system.SOME_VALUE and take action based on what is contained in the field and update the field.

      Smart Campaign Example

      1. campaign called
      2. read system.SOME_VALUE (e.g. system.SOME_VALUE = 2)
      3. if system.SOME_VALUE = max, change system.SOME_VALUE = 1, "else do nothing"
      4. if system.SOME_VALUE = 50, request campaign 50
      5. if system.SOME_VALUE = 49, request campaign 49 
      53. if system.SOME_VALUE = 1, request campaign 1
      54. change data value system.SOME_VALUE to system.SOME_VALUE +1 (e.g., system.SOME_VALUE = 3)
      55. await next call ...

      Maybe it's not a "system.%" field but maybe "global.%" or "campaign.%". I was hoping to use a token for this but tokens are fixed and cannot be updated programatically. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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          Hi James, There is a different tactic for this. You can use program tokens. But you can also use tokens add a folder level. This way it will effect all program within the folder.
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            James - what did you end doing?

            I'm running into a similar problem?

            Diederik - the issue is that as far as I can tell tokens can't be updated updated programatically - ie via a Flow Step.
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              Hi Grant, You're correct a tokens can't be adjusted in flows. So what you want is a process that is able to change it's own flow rules. I don't fully understand the use case. But I've used something called Matrix Fields that might help. Can you provide a real use case (e.g. not 'some value').
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                Matrix Fields??

                I want to count the number of days in a month so I need a variable that I can say:
                Count = Count + 1.

                I want to be able to reset it as well:
                Or If Today = 2/5/2013, Then Count = 0.

                It can't be a field on the record because the count is global, ie everyone, including new members of the campaign must know what the Count is - so that I can then say:

                If Count = 3, then send email #3.

                Does that make sense?

                I will look matrix fields - thanks!
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                  Hi Grant,

                  Tour comment describes the solution you're working, which doesn't seem to work. Please provide we exactly what you want to achieve, because their might be a very simple way you haven't thought about yet.

                  P.s. What I consider a 'Matrix Field' is just a integer (number) field. A matrix (a table) has two axis. Leading up to many values. E.g. The number 1672390 are actually 7 different items, each having a value from 0-9. Or even more simple 11001 has 5 different items with a value true or false (1 or 0). This is very usefull when having to trigger on complex values. You could just say if the field is smaller than X and larger than Y. E.g. If 11001 is larger than 1000 and smaller than 1222.