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    img parameters? for reliable tracking of clients whose JS is disabled

      For our users who have JS disabled, or who haven't yet decided to trust script tags from us, I need a more reliable way to initiate tracking.

      Obviously, one solid old-school way is to simply insert an image with tracking parameters in its URL.

      For example,
      inside a noscript tag,
      an img tag with

      All I need to know is what parameter names to pass (for Marketo to recognize and map to basic fields in the lead database, like user email address, user name, comments, etc.)

      BTW, totally a side note but this web form itself has javascript errors and the first two times I tried to "start a discussion" (because search is lame), it got a 503 server error on http://community.marketo.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-3.6.2/_source/skins/sfdc/editor.css?t= and apparently that breaks "focusTitle" and a bunch of other javascript after that.  I was more than a little disappointed to discover your core site functionality is not designed with progressive enhancement in mind (i.e., works fine with pure HTML but gets prettier with JS).  A webby company should care about such things.