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Can I Use Webhooks to Do This?

Question asked by 40692 on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by 26770
I send a welcome email from my product within a few seconds of a customer registering a new account. My product can send the welcome email very fast, but I don't have any way to collect information about the email's performance. I have no idea if the emails are bouncing, or if people are clicking the links contained in the note.

I have looked into integrating marketo with my product so that my product sends a message to marketo when a new customer account is created, and marketo sends the product welcome email. This would allow me to collect data on the welcome email's performance. However, I'm concerned that Marketo won't send the welcome email as fast as my product. It's important to me that the welcome email show up almost instantly after registration.

Is there a way to use Marketo's webhooks to send the emails from my product, but send data back to Marketo when the emails bounce, users click links in the emails, etc.?

This seems like it would allow me to send the emails fast, but use marketo to report on email performance.