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Forward to a friend functionality

Question asked by 34904 on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by 30c6bf7784f465ad4aaa5722d875b20d1c033579
We are in the process of integrating completely with Marketo. One of the last programs is a 'forward a website to a friend/colleague'. 

On one of our websites, a visitor is able to fill out a form and send an email to a friend telling them to view the website. We are not using Marketo forms and right now not that is not an option for us. We are collecting the friend's email address as a field in Marketo. 

Is there a way to program Marketo to send the email to the friend's email address and not the email address of the master record (ie: the individual that filled out the form).

Form fields and fields being mapped to in Marketo: 

Your Email Address --> Email
Friends Email Address --> Friend's Email Address (we want the email to go to this person)