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    Sync with Sugar CRM - tips anyone?

      Hi All, just wondering if anyone has used the Nepo connector and synced with Sugar CRM?
      During the integration some of our lead capture pages/forms sync to Sugar, and some of the new ones will sync to Marketo.  I know all will end up migrated in the end, however, for the short term, I want one Lead List in Marketo, not to sync with Sugar till the leads are further qualified.  

      I know I can set that up in a smart campaign (sync later after a defined action, i.e. clicked link in email), but is there something I need to define during install of the connector to ensure they're not automatically sync when the connector is all done?

      And this might be a silly question, but do you have to map out fields in CRM and which fields they should correlate too in Marketo during connector setup?  

      Any other tips and tricks for a complete first timer in regards to connecting with Sugar?