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Reporting for reoccurring emails

Question asked by 34904 on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by 13157
We have an email that runs daily at either 9 am, 12 pm, or 3 pm. I am trying to pull a report that will show how the email performed in 2013. I pulled an Email Performance report but it only shows the number of individuals who were delivered the email (there are 29 individuals signed up so 29 emails go out each day) but I want to see how many emails were delivered and the open rates, click rates, etc (ie: 29 x the number of days the eamil has gone out). For example: December should be 29 x 31 days. I thought an Email Performance report would show this, but it does not. 

Does anyone know how to pull this report?