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    Reporting for reoccurring emails

      We have an email that runs daily at either 9 am, 12 pm, or 3 pm. I am trying to pull a report that will show how the email performed in 2013. I pulled an Email Performance report but it only shows the number of individuals who were delivered the email (there are 29 individuals signed up so 29 emails go out each day) but I want to see how many emails were delivered and the open rates, click rates, etc (ie: 29 x the number of days the eamil has gone out). For example: December should be 29 x 31 days. I thought an Email Performance report would show this, but it does not. 

      Does anyone know how to pull this report? 

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          Try using Revenue Explorer.  I have had much better results when using RCA to get results for a deep dive on one email campaign or program.  You can start with one of the standard RCA reports and you can customize the date range.  I would also add in the date sent to ensure you can sort out results by month or day.  You can export the results to excel and sort further as needed.
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            Seems like you would want to filter the "opens" and "clicks" with some sales acceptance criteria like "lead status was chandged to SAL..."
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              Thanks for these recommendations. We don't have access to RCA and we don't have any sales information connected to Marketo. :(

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                Hi Amber,

                We don't use Sales Insight -- instead we add campaign flow steps for sent, clicked, opened and filled-out-form.  Then we sync our SFDC campaigns at the Marketo program level.  It gives sales reps the ability to see who has opened etc emails within a campaign.  It's very easy to do - would be happy to walk you through it if you're interested.

                At times the only way I can get what I need, is by combining chunks of reports.  That means I have to report within a week or reporting becomes a nightmare of splicing and dicing over months.

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                  Hey Amber,

                  Unfortunately, without RCA, there isn't a nice, easy way to consolidate this information. How do you have the campaign set up? Is it three different campaigns or 1 campaign with wait steps? You can use smart lists to get a sense of behaviors if it is three different campaigns. 
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                    So I have 3 triggered campaigns set up. One for 9 am, one for 12 pm, and one for 6 pm.

                    When a subscriber signs up online they get pushed to one of three static lists (one for 9 am subscribers, one for 12 pm subscribers and one for 6 pm subscribers). 

                    Then at each of those times, the trigger campaign goes to those lists and sends an email to the subscribers. 
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                      Gotcha, one idea would be to create smart lists for each campaign. You can use the "Member of Smart Campaign" filter to segment between the send times. Then, you can use the "Was sent email" and "Clicked link in email" filters and change the day to see how your numbers evolved over time per send time. VERY manual, but may shed some light on what you are trying to find.