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    Brainstorming: Linking to Marketo Design Studio Files from SlideShark

    Lacy Patrino
      We've developed an iPad-compatible version of our company's main capabilities presentation using SlideShark. Instead of embedding .pdfs of sales collateral on slides within the presentation - which wasn't legible at all - we decided to place all of the supporting material in Design Studio and link to the web address - which works beautifully.

      The only piece that I feel is missing from this otherwise fabulous presentation is tracking. This is the first time we've provided links to supporting collateral in this presentation - it would be nice to know if people are actually using it! But I haven't found a way to view link performance that isn't associated to an email.

      Has anyone else done something like this? How did you track link usage? Did you use Marketo reporting capabilities or another vendor?

      I'd really like to know if the links are providing value for our sales team or just creating more work for my team.