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    Auto Responses to Emails

      I sent out a massive (50,000+) email blast today with a different From and Reply-To email address. Looks like all the auto response emails from individuals being away from the office went to the From email.

      Why is this and how do I fix this?
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               For systems which automatically  generate  address  lists  for replies to messages, the following recommendations are made:
                           o   The "Sender" field mailbox should be sent  notices  of any  problems in transport or delivery of the originalm essages.  If there is no  "Sender"  field,  then  the "From" field mailbox should be used.
                           o   The  "Sender"  field  mailbox  should  NEVER  be  used automatically, in a recipient's reply message.
                           o   If the "Reply-To" field exists, then the reply  should go to the addresses indicated in that field and not to the address(es) indicated in the "From" field.
               But, not all mail servers obey this rule. Some mail servers will bounce it back to the FROM address.

               Further reading:
                    The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for Emails at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc822#section-4.4
               Did you get any bounces to go to the FROM email address at all?

               Hope this helps



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            Thank you for the explanation Rajesh.  Are there any recommendations or best practices as to how to handle the auto replies while still using a personal email but not overloading inboxes?