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      Hi there.... I am looking to edit the color and text on a button that's standard on a form I created.

      Any idea how to edit the button?

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          Hi Carla,

          You can edit the text on a button in the form editor. I believe the standard text is "submit" which you can change.

          As for the colour of the button, you can refer to this help article to learn how to change it.

          Hope you are succesful!

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            Uriah Jacquez
            Hi Carla,

            You can edit the color of your button within the CSS of the template.  You should find this element selector within the template that contains the hex decimal to change out your color:


                 As for changing the text color of the button, you can do that in your Design Studio.  Open up the form you would want to edit. Then on the upper right hand side in the Form Propery Panel you change the Font Color value as shown here:

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              Thank you both!!

              If I want to embed a PDF in the button on the form (once the end user fills out their information) can I do that?

              I had this pdf on another landing page, but want to reduce the clicks through...
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                Kenny Elkington

                     Hey Carla,

                     You can set the URL of the PDF as your follow-up page for the form in the Landing Page Editor.  Just select the form inside of it, choose Edit from the gear menu, and enter the adress of the PDF as the followup.

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                  How can I view the cSS for a form?
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                    Uriah Jacquez
                    The best way would be to drag your form onto a blank landing page and approve it.  Open your approved landing page, then using Firebug, right click on the form and  select Inspect Element.  This will show you the CSS being used for the form.  You can overwrite the CSS by dragging in a Custom HTML box and add your own CSS to style it.