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    Follow-up page based on checkbox

      I'm trying to create a subscription management page and have several options that people can subscribe to.  If they subscribe to anything, I'll take them to a "thank-you" page.  But if they check the checkbox "Unsubscribe" I want to take them to a different page.

      Here's what I'm trying (which isn't working):

           function formSubmit(elt) {
             if ($jQ("#Unsubscribed").attr('checked')==true) {
               var ReturnUrl = 'http://www.google.com'
               $jQ("input[name='returnURL']").attr('value', ReturnUrl );
               $jQ("input[name='retURL']"   ).attr('value', ReturnUrl );
             return Mkto.formSubmit(elt);

           I'm loading jQuery on the Document Ready function, and defining $jQ at that point as well. 

           Any reason why this wouldn't work?

           Thanks in advance
           Michael Douglas
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          Josh Hill

          If you do a search for form page redirects or similar terms you'll find some discussions to help. You can definitely do this, but I am unsure about the exact code.
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            The Change a Form's Follow Up Page Dynamically help article may be what you are looking for if you haven't already found it.
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              Hi Michael,

              I'm wondering if you've gotten any traction on this. I've recently been trying to do something similar and have found no luck as well. Thanks. 
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                I, too, initially learnt how to overrride the return page using Javascript by following this article Change a Form's Follow Up Page Dynamically

                However, there is one important piece of information not mentioned from the article.  If your form's Follow-up Type is configured for an internal Marketo landing page, you need to set the hidden form field variable "returnLPId" to "-1".  So the Javascript code you need is the following,


                If the field "returnLPId" holds a valid Marketo page ID, Marketo will ignore the fields returnURL and retURL, and return the page indicated by the page ID.  By setting that field to -1, Marketo would turn to the fields returnURL and retURL for the return page to use.

                For forms that are configured to use an external landing page for the Follow-up Type, the form field "returnLPId" is set to -1 by Marketo.

                I learnt this by following this thread https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PaNKAA0

                Hope this helps.