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Follow-up page based on checkbox

Question asked by 27980 on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Grace Brebner
I'm trying to create a subscription management page and have several options that people can subscribe to.  If they subscribe to anything, I'll take them to a "thank-you" page.  But if they check the checkbox "Unsubscribe" I want to take them to a different page.

Here's what I'm trying (which isn't working):

     function formSubmit(elt) {
       if ($jQ("#Unsubscribed").attr('checked')==true) {
         var ReturnUrl = ''
         $jQ("input[name='returnURL']").attr('value', ReturnUrl );
         $jQ("input[name='retURL']"   ).attr('value', ReturnUrl );
       return Mkto.formSubmit(elt);

     I'm loading jQuery on the Document Ready function, and defining $jQ at that point as well. 

     Any reason why this wouldn't work?

     Thanks in advance
     Michael Douglas