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    Tracking Downloaded Content

      I'm setting up programs for downloading each gated asset on our website so I can keep track of which assets are the most downloaded & drive the most new leads.

      I looked at the progression statuses that Marketo uses (here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L5zf&src=) but didn't see progression statuses for content downloaded (inbound leads).

      Is it the best practice to set up a program for each asset? I thought that it may be helpful to track Engaged (those who fill out the form to request the asset) and then Downloaded (when someone clicks a link in the email). Or is the "Downloaded" not necessary?

      Also, do you recommend setting up an individual campaign in SFDC to track downloads of each asset (with a separate campaign)?

      Thank you!
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          Hi Suzanne,

          I'm working on the same thing. Ideally, I'd like a report that I can pull that shows the top downloaded content by month. I'd also like to be able to track by source -- whether it was organic, or via a download from a nurturing program, etc.

          Let me know if you've come up with any good solutions -- I'd love to hear!