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    Marketo - Dynamics Integration

      Hi All,

      According to my understanding Lead Management is as below:

      Lead records from MS CRM will gets Sync in Marketo using Plugins(on Post Create/Update/Delete)

      I want to know when the lead records from Marketo gets sysnc to MS CRM (Any schedulor or trigger point or event) if so where can we find the setting for the same. ?

      If we want to integrate MS CRM Campaigns with Marketo what is the best approach ?

      PLease do any one can help me.
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          Hi Prashanth,

          If a lead is first created in Marketo (via form fillout, list import, manaul creation etc.) then it is up to the Marketo users to create a campaign that determines when this lead is synced to and created in Dynamics. The lead will NOT sync to CRM by itslef. Often people create campaigns based around their sales process that automatically syncs the lead to their CRM system. So for example if a lead reaches a certain score or status or if the lead performs a particular action such as downloads an important whitepaper.

          You can also sync leads manaully (see : section "Syncing Leads to Dynamics"in https://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000Kzg2)

          Once a lead had been synced with CRM then their is a sync relationship between the Marketo record and the CRM record. There is a background sync that manages this relationship in order to keep the lead's data in sync between Marketo and CRM. Normally this background sync occurs every 5 minutes (can be changed on request) and the sync uses the last modified stamp on records to determine whether they need to be updated or not.

          At present the Marketo -> Dynamics sync does not include the camapign object.

          Objects synced: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities* (Read-Only).

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            Hi Cathal,

            I got it. But few records gets synced when we use Action "Sync Lead to Microsoft" but few were not getting synced. As i am new to marketo i am not understanding what might be the issue.

            While navigating i found Sync failed due to null value exception. I missed the link and unable to find the same again.

            Is their any option we can create custom action which works similar to "Sync lead to Microsoft" which asks to select owner, to assign and the users from CRM are displayed in the list for selection.

            i want to associate lead in Marketo with campaign in CRM. How can we acheive this. any similar refereces for this task are appreciated.

            Prashanth Y

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              Patrick Cava
              Can the dynamics integration be customized to sync with MS dyanmics campaigns?