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    Web activity report

      Web activity report-Most of the leads appear to be capturing the IP from the provider/carrier vs. the end-user.  Is there a way Marketo can conduct a deeper reverse DNS routine where we are capturing pointed detail for customers?
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          Josh Hill
          Do you mean the Company Web Activity report? It is only going to show the IPs it can identify. I'm not sure they can do much better given how the internet works. I've heard of other tools that supposedly tie back IPs to specific people, however, that is not always possible.

          The data will get  appended to a lead when it becomes Known.
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            Yeah, as near as I've been able to tell, it does it as specifically as it can.  Standard http/ip, your external ip is what it is.  If it is shared across a network, that's just what it is, and in most organizations everybody in a same location office using a LAN will often-if-not-usually have the same external ip.