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    Triggers and Filters in a Smart List

      Hi all,

      I'm setting up a smart list in my campaign for a simple "send email" flow. However, I have a group in our CRM system that I need to use, and a smart list I've already created in Marketo.

      In the smart list tab for the campaign, can I use the trigger campaign is requested (to pull people from our CRM system) and the member of smart list filter?


      Campaign is requested
      Member of smart list

      These people could be in each list twice though, so it should de-dupe right?

      Thanks :-)

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          Kenneth Elkington
          Hey Hannah,

          So if I understand you correctly, you want a single email to go out for which a "Campaign is requested,"  and for Members of a certain smart list.  To accomplish this you will need to have two separate smart campaigns, because one is Triggered, and the other one needs to be a Batch Campaign.  So you will have two separate campaigns, one triggered with the "Campaign is requested" trigger, and another batch campaign with the "Member of Smart List" filter.  In order to avoid members of the campaigns from overlapping and receiving deuplicate emails, you will want to add a "Was not sent email" filter with the paramater "Is - 'My Email.'"  Depending on the type of email program that you're running you may want to set up the batch campaign to be recurring, but that's a decision dependent on your marketing strategies.

          I hope that answers your question.
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            If you set the campaign filter to "OR" then yes it will pull from both groups. Now, if there is an instance when a lead is a member of both groups, as long as they have identical email addresses it will only send one email. If the lead has 2 different emails, both emails will receive one.
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              Hi guys,

              Ok, I'm unsure what to do now as you've both given me different answers! Sorry to be a pain, I'm  just concerned it won't work. Both of your answers make complete sense to me but would both ways suggested definetley work?

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                I think both would work, but with mine is condensed into one campaign
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                       Hi Hannah,

                       If you have a trigger and one single filter in the smart list of a campaign, the relationship between the trigger and single filter will always be set to "and". You can't say "qualifies for the trigger or the filter", it would be "qualifies for the trigger and the single filter"

                       However...the trigger for "campaign is requested" actually doesn't work with any filters, it will ignore any and all filters that are added to that smart list. At least in my experience, this is true. Marketo assumes that if you're requesting a campaign, you're only requesting it for qualified leads who need no further filter qualification.

                       That being said, here is what I would do (similar to Kenneth's suggestion):

                       Campaign A: Trigger
                       Smart list = Campaign is Requested
                       Flow: Send Email with a choice of "if not was sent email "X", then send email "X", else do nothing" (to ensure that if they were a member of that other smart list that you send the email to in a batch campaign, they're not getting it twice)

                       Campaign B: Filter batch campaign
                       Smart list = Member of Smart List AND Not was sent email "X"
                       Flow = Send email "X"

                       I would send the batch first, then activate the trigger campaign. The "and not was sent email" filter on the batch campaign's smart list is a safety net if you do end up sending the batch first. If you activate/run them at the same time, you'll definitely want to keep this additional filter.

                       Hope this help! I know it can get confusing :)


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                    Why does it have to be a trigger?

                    Does the email need to go out as soon immediately as soon as they are added to that list in the CRM, or can it wait until the end of the day so that you can send as a batch email? What is the frequency of the email? is it a drip or just a one-off?

                    If you can batch it and send every day say at 3:00 pm, your conditions for the smart list can be...

                    Member of List = that group in the CRM
                    Member of Smart List X

                    Send Email X

                    Schedule Recurrence: Daily
                    Qualification Rules: Each Lead Can Run through the flow once

                    If it's a one-off then no recurrence