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    Lead Scoring & Disqualifying Leads

      Does anyone move a lead score down to zero when disqualifying or recycling leads?
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          Do you do behavioral scoring? If so, I'd definitely move that score down to =0 when you move them to disqualified and recycling, and you may want to look at moving lead score =0 as well.

          This will help with your overall database hygiene and keep marketing and sales on the same page in terms of the current value of those leads.
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            Thank you! And yes, we do behavorial scoring. Your answer sparked another question --- do you use behavorial lead score and "plain" lead score differently? When we assign a behavorial score we typically also assign the same "plain" lead score, but I'm not sure if this is the best thing to do, or if we should use these fields differently.
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              Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Marketo does not do math when it comes to lead score, in the sense that it does not automatically add up your behavioral and demographic scores to create your overall lead score. This means that if you increase your prospects behavioral score by 10 points, then you also need to add a flow action to increase lead score by 10 points as well.

              As such it sounds like you are doing the right thing. Even if you remove all of your leads lead score, and bring their behavioral score to zero, the demographic score will remain intact, and if you are using demographic score in MSI then you will still be able to see how good a lead it based on their demographic score.

              The bigger question is, do you want your disqualified leads to be able to come back to your sales team? In my opinion the disqualified status should only be selected if there is no chance of selling to that prospect. As such, I choose to throw those leads away so to speak. I don't want them coming back later and wasting more of my sales people's time.

              For recycling, you want to make sure that they have shown enough interest level again to warrant another phone call from sales. For this reason, I think it makes sense to send them back to square one and go through the process all over again.
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                We drop their lead score to =0 when they're recycled so they don't immediately recycle in CRM. Gotta build up those points again.

                Definitely tracking Behavior in one field & demographics in another.