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    Re Engagement Campaign


      I want to implement a re engagement campaign for customers who have not interacted with our brand in the past however many days. Has anyone completed a re engagement campaign with Marketo?

      Ideally I would like to target contacts who haven't engaged in any email activities in the last 180 days, ie they've received emails but haven't opened them or clicked through.

      The problem I am having is creating the smart list. If I set the filters to: Was Delivered Email in past 180 days and Not Opened Email in past 180 days, it will still give me contacts who maybe only received their first email a week ago, but havent opened it. How do I only call out contacts who have been receiving emails for the last 180 days but haven't interacted?

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          Josh Hill
          These campaigns do work. You also should define "inactive" more clearly because some people do hit your site even if they don't touch your emails.

          I'm also a bit unclear because you sound like you don't want to send the new campaign to someone who just receive an email last week, but who never opened it?

          Try something like:

          Was Delivered Email IS ANY 
          Not Opened Email IS ANY IN PAST 180 days 
          Not Clicked Email IS ANY IN PAST 180 days
          Not Opened Sales Email....
          Not Clicked in Sales Email...

          because Opened is not 100% perfect so some people will slip through

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            Won't that also include in the smart list contacts who may have received an email for the first time last week, and did'nt open it or click anything?