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Exclude certain "Last interesting moments" from SFDC field mapping sync

Question asked by 14bcd060520ed0b5ab8197fd093c4a3ec418ef35 on Feb 13, 2013
We have a milestone (ie. "Lead reached Warm") that is recorded for all leads that hit a certain score; generally triggered through one or more actions on our site. 

When we do reporting on last interesting moments within SFDC, we can only pull in the most recent Last Interesting Moment for our leads, which often is the "Lead reached Warm" moment, because that is triggered after the (more meaningful) interesting moment web actions like downloaded whitepaper or visited pricing page. 

Is there a way to have the field update for the "Last Interesting Moment" exclude certain moments? I.e. we'd like to preserve the more meaningful action vs just the Score milestone of for reporting purposes.