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File Upload Size Limit

Question asked by 4651ea6a43d0ef5abc1bc43dbfe74f38fc3140b4 on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by a516800d4b5f78ea045f0d27e1928450c1fcea8d
Hi all,

I have been uploading a few images and files in Design studio to create URLs to embed in a newsletter I am working on. Out of all images/files, there is one PDF file that is just a little over 1MB in size. After I finished uploading it, and Marketo says the upload is complete, the file is however, nowhere to be found.I tried a couple of times, it just never shows up nor did I receive an error message or notice from Marketo.

Does anyone know why is that? Is there a file size limit or something?

I need to the Marketo url for my newsletter to allow people to download this file, so if anyone has any clue what's going on or any alternatives, please let me know. Really appreciate your help.