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    Create duplicate Leads Wanted

      For a project I am working on it is ideal to have all records be leads, even if a duplicate is created.

      I found this article-  https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyqdCAC - and tried assigning all records from XYZ program to a SFDC queue so a duplicate lead would be created even if a record is already in the system as a contact.  

      It did NOT create a new lead.  Has this issue been fixed since the article was written (2011)? 

      Any ideas on how I can have a new lead created regardless if it is already in the system as a contact

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               Alicia, if you create the leads in SFDC, it will create duplicates. Can you upload a list of leads into SFDC directly (not through Marketo)? Alternatively, if you create them manually in Marketo (by selecting "new lead" in the "new" dropdown of the lead database...not via list import), duplicates will be created...however you would have to do them one by one if you created them manually in Marketo.

               Hope that helps!

               Vivi Brock

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            Trish Voskovitch
            i am also looking a way to create duplicate leads but not just a clone of existing contactrecord but an actual new lead record

            i created an add to queue campaign and yes a duplicate lead was created but it did not contain any of the trigger information from campaign that triggered the new lead creation

            1. i created an add to queue campaign to create lead when someone fills out form A on page ABC (which is part of ABC webinar program)
            2. ABC webinar program has a smart campaign that when someone fills out form A on Page ABC they are added to a campaign in SFDC, an interesting moment is created and a couple other fields are updated
            3. i filled out form A on page ABC with an email address that was already a contact in SFDC
            4. a new lead was created but all info was same as the original contact and none of the flow steps trigged from the ABC webinar smart campaign (so no new interesting moment, not a member of campaign, old lead status, etc)
            5. but the original contact did get all the trigger steps! so the new lead was somehow "cloned" from original contact before all the other flow steps happened??
            6. i then tried to have all the flow steps happen first then put a 30 minute wait step (for synching) then requested the add to queue campaign to create the new lead
            7. alas, original contact got all the flow step stuff but new cloned lead did not still.

            create a new lead should create a new lead record and it should be "clean" with only new information

            anyone have a solution or order of steps to do this??

            i have spent over 4 hours testing with not success and my head might explode:)

            maybe this is something marketo pro services has to help with??
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              There really should be a list import mode that permits duplicate creation. It's not something you'd want often, but there are some specific situations (like the one I've got right now!) where this is useful. 

              It doesn't help, by the way, that the documentation on list import modes appears to be out of date and explains list import modes that don't appear on the actual list import mode dropdown. 
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                Trish Voskovitch
                can't use list import mode as i am using trigger campaigns to create the dupes