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    SOAP getLeadChanges

      We are building a custom marketo sync to integrate into a custom CRM.  Calling getLeadChanges() is extreamly slow.  This is the intial load so over time there will be less data. 

      Some info about the process:
      1.           batches of 500
      2.           the process has been going for about 12 hours
      3.           we have called your API about 360 times
      4.           each call to your API is about 2 minutes
      Do you have any recommendations to help speed this up?  Can we add some indexes or something to the activities?

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          What is your goal? To pull out all activities or all leads?

          Some activitiy types are much more common than others, so putting in a more selective choice for the activityFilter will definitely help with performance.
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            Thanks Erik for the reply.

            We changed our process to pull activities by type and some are definatly running quicker now.  We started logging our process and the VisitWebpage type is takeing 5+ minutes per batch to run.

            I think our previous process overall is faster, and we will switch back to that.   Do you have a Bulk api or some sort of way to export the activities for our initial load?

            At our current rate it may take us 6+ days to get all of the activities.

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              Glad that helped a bit.

              Unfortunately there isn't a bulk API right now, so I think your initial load may require just setting and and letting it run.
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                Hi Erik,

                We are facing the same issue despite using selected activity type to filter. This is really hurting us.  Is there any plans to scale this call?