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    2 different open rate stats

    Michelle Tiziani
      So I created a smart list to track open rate for a particular email.  I then compared to the smart campaign stats for "Opened" and the Open stats are off.  The one from the smart campaign is over reporting by +/- 20.  I checked my other email campaigns and it's the same thing also.  Anyone else seeing that?  Can anyone offer any insight for the difference?
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          Josh Hill
          There are two possibilities:

          1. Refresh the Email Tab report on the Campaign.
          2. Yes, go here and scroll down until you see 4 Rules.

          •           Rule #1:  Each email activity record is set to one, and only one, of the following: Delivered, Hard Bounced, Soft Bounced, or Pending.  
          •           Rule #2:  If the email record shows Opened, then it is counted as Delivered.
          •           Rule #3:  If the email record shows Clicked Email or Unsubscribed, then it is Opened and therefore counted as Delivered.
          •           Rule #4:  If the email is Opened, then bounces are ignored. If the email has not been opened, Hard Bounced "wins" if the email record also shows Soft Bounced or Delivered.
          NOTE:  As a result of this logic , a metric could potentially count an event (e.g. Delivered) that doesn’t have a corresponding activity log item. This can cause discrepancies in the results when compared to smart lists using email filters.
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            Michelle Tiziani
            Thanks Josh.  That totally makes sense.